We want to challenge the establishment. We believe that fine jewelry is more than something you carry to flash. It must also have meaning. 

Håkan Orrling and Fredrik Ivansson met in a barracks, where they both sat and waited for their football-playing sons, fell in love with each others ideas and values and later began to discuss what would become Links Jewels.

Håkan, second generation goldsmith with his own shop and workshop in Helsingborg, and Fredrik Ivansson, with a past as Sales Manager and entrepreneur are both founders of the jewelry brand Links Jewels. Håkan as designer, Fredrik as CEO.

Our Jewelry was once illegal weapons, and tragically there is an exhausted reservoir to take off, with millions of weapons circulating on the streets around the world. When the weapons are seized, they are melted down and transformed into Humanium Metal. 

The feeling of being able to make jewelry of this material gives us dedication in standing against gun-violence. We want to create and manufacture something exceptional and meaningful. The jewelry should stand out and make the wearer feel very special! We want to create beauty that stands the test of time, and I want the jewelry to be more than just a beautiful ornament.

Those who wear our jewelry also make a decision for a better, more beautiful and more human world.



Changing the perspective from the value of jewelry to the value of human being.

At Links Jewels, we take a lot of pride in being a sustainable company with sustainable production strategies and values. Our vision is to change the industry by crafting sustainable pieces with a deeper purpose, something more than ”just” jewelry. By working with the sustainable development goals 12 and 16 among other things such as Humanium Metal, we’ve established some core values which permeates all our work. Through our jewelry we’ve contributed to the removal of 12.000 illegal weapons from the street.

Why? Because we choose love over violence.

Our partnerships with organizations such as NON-VIOLENCE and Individuell Människohjälp have resulted in 15% of our revenue being donated to anti-arms campaigns. By purchasing our pieces you’re contributing to stopping the largest mass destruction weapon of our time. 

UN development goals