Rooted in the spirit of the materials.

Crafted jewelry made from destructed illegal firearms and recycled PET. Made in Sweden. Changes is Links Jewels third collection, the next level of making a statement. It's no longer enough with just the look of fashion; Changes is rooted in the spirit of materials which makes it an act of consciousness rather than just a show of support. The designs are made from destructed illegal firearms and recycled PET, shaped into beautiful jewelry embodied with history.


Roger Dupé at Bank Hotel in Stockholm. Photo by Jonas Bjurman.

Roger Dupé at Bank Hotel in Stockholm. Photo by Jonas Bjurman.


We are very proud to introduce Roger Dupé, as our new Ambassador. Roger aligns perfectly with our brand. His values and success will give us the opportunity to reach out with our message, says Fredrik Ivansson CEO & Co Founder.

- Links Jewels’s story and values fits me well as a person. I find the violence in today’s society alarming and I hope this collaboration can make a difference. And the fact that I recently also become an ambassador for the Non-Violence project this partnership suits me well, says Roger about his assignment. Roger Dupé is a world famous Swedish model and author of his autobiography ”Den motvilliga modellen”.



About the materials Humanium

Humanium Metal & Non-Violence Humanium Metal is a statement beyond any other precious metal. Created from destructed illegal firearms taken off the streets and melted into a resource for a new purpose. There are millions of illegal firearms, paradoxically Humanium Metal is to this date rarer than gold. All our designs made from this resource are labelled with the symbol Hu. They are embodied with history, and by wearing one you take a stand against violence and contribute to security for people living in areas affected by high levels of crime. Links Jewels has a long term commitment to support the Non-Violence project. Throughout the years Non-Violence has educated and trained more than 8 million youth, teachers and sports coaches around the world in how to solve conflicts peacefully. Each of our jewelry sold with the Non-Violence symbol finances violence preventive education to people in the risk zone and contributes to a more peaceful world.

About the materials PET

We use PET-rope from responsibly recycled PET-bottles which we’ve given a new purpose instead of polluting the environment or burnt, releasing CO2 into our atmosphere. Recycling is a conscious act and a powerful symbol to encourage all of us to re-purpose the resources already existing rather than producing new material.

Links Jewels x SËBOU

Changes Petite, our latest collection, is a junction of cultures – Links Jewels partners with design studio Sëbou, to create a Moroccan-hand woven rope, exclusively for the new exquisite Changes bracelet.